Our Team

Dimitri Conejo Sanz

Dimitri Conejo Sanz

Founder / CEO

UX/UI designer, Frontend Developer and entrepreneur dedicated to realizing projects and initiatives to give glory to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Isabel Montejo

Isabel Montejo

Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic design and content creation, curating designs that reflect the unique ways in which beauty is revealed through cohesive and consistent branding.

Elena Sanz

Elena Sanz


Customer Service. Always with an eye on Christ and trying to carry out his message to each person. I love music and spending time with my family.

Marzio Pérez

Marzio Pérez

Senior Full Stack Developer

I am a web designer with over 10 years of experience. In particular, I enjoy RPA automation. I am passionate about what I do, but my family always comes first!

Allie Moroney

Allie Moroney

International Relations

Digital communication and marketing consultant. Focusing on bridging gaps and cultures to unite souls under one common love for Jesus Christ.

José Zapata

José Zapata

Staff Software Engineer

I am an Open Source web designer, who specializes in new technology and developments. I am a big time fan of comics and love reading.

Julio Vasconez

Julio Vasconez

Staff Software Engineer

Husband, father, coder and sometimes musician. Consecrated to the merciful love of Christ and devoted to St. Michael. Seeking to set the world on fire!

Our Story



Cathopic was founded in 2017 by Dimitri Conejo Sanz, a UX/UI designer and Frontend Developer, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit to create a platform that aided evangelization through the way of beauty, design, and innovation. After seeing the lack of authentically beautiful and high-quality digital content, Cathopic was created out of a desire to aid parishes, movements, organizations, schools, and individuals in their evangelization efforts.


Launch of Cathopic 2.0

After the first launch of our site, we decided to advance our platform to meet the needs of our new community, desiring to innovate so that we could continue to create and grow alongside our users.


Partnership with WYD Panama

We partnered with World Youth Day in Panama to capture youth from all around the world be set on fire with love for Christ and His Church.


Founding of Dimconex Media, S.L.

As Catholics around the world began to enter the digital evangelization space, Dimconex Media, S.L, was created to provide state-of-the-art online products, support, and services to advance the Church through multimedia.


Supporting Catholic through the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the rise of COVID-19, Cathopic was there to support Catholics worldwide use digital media to continue to serve their flocks through online services, events, and evangelization efforts. Our number of users doubled and then tripled, as Catholics worldwide utilized our platform to carry out ministry efforts through digital means.


Cathopic 3.0

By the grace and inspiration of God, for the past 5 years we have been able to support ministries worldwide in their evangelization efforts through providing free professional and authentic Catholic Stock Photography. Yet we were eager to do more.

Our patrons expressed a desire to have more resources such as videos to make event promos and religious education course content, illustrations to enhance bulletins and brochures, graphic designs to advance social media marketing and communication, and much more to further evangelize souls. We leveled up our platform and services so that we could take our users to the next level in their evangelization efforts.

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Our Mission

We desire to support and collaborate in the evangelization efforts of Catholic individuals & institutions by offering digital resources of the highest quality that reflect the Beauty of God and our Catholic faith.

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Our Projects

Cathopic is an extension of a larger organization called Dimconex Media, a company dedicated to digital evangelization. Since 2017, our organization has collaborated with a variety Catholic organizations around the world, offering state-of-the-art online products, support, and services to advance the Church through multimedia.

Holydemia is an online Catholic academy for individuals and families desiring to grow deeper in their Catholic faith. Holydemia provides unlimited access to online Catholic courses, that are carefully moderated by clergy faithful to the teachings of the Church, and designed to help individuals and families advance in their knowledge of the Catholic faith.

Mater Coeli is an online Catholic platform to facilitate Catholics in making an act of consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Propelled by a deep love of Jesus’ Mother Mary, Mater Coeli seeks to help individuals grow in their relationship with Mary, according to the spirituality and writings of St. Louis De Montfort.

Tolkian is a digital magazine dedicated to promoting and elaborating upon the beauty of God through blogs and commentaries. Inspired by great Catholic authors, such as J.R.R. Tolkien and G.K. Chesterton, Tolkian seeks to deepen the understanding and awareness of beauty through thought provoking articles.

Camijoma [BETA] is a platform that provides quotes from St. Josemaría Escrivá, to register users, daily through email.