How does Cathopic calculate your earnings?

Understanding the Revenue Model on Cathopic: Pay-Per-Download.

How does Cathopic calculate your earnings?
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When you share your creativity on Cathopic by uploading inspiring Catholic images, videos, and graphics, you're not just enriching the Catholic community—you're also opening up a pathway to earn income from your contributions.

On Cathopic, we employ a dynamic revenue model based on downloads and subscriptions, rewarding you every time someone downloads your content.


Importantly, the more resources you have available on Cathopic, the higher your potential earnings tend to be, as each piece of content has the chance to generate income.

Let's dive into how this pay-per-download (PPD) system works and give you a concrete example so you can see the potential earnings from your contributions to the platform.

How Does the Pay-Per-Download (PPD) Work on Cathopic?

The PPD model on Cathopic changes monthly, influenced by two main factors: the total income generated by platform subscriptions and the total downloads across all resources for the month. This total is then split equally between you and Cathopic, ensuring both parties benefit from the value your work brings to the community.

Essentially, the more engaging the content on Cathopic and the higher the subscription income and download rate, the more valuable each download becomes for creators like you.

To calculate your earnings, we simply multiply the month's PPD rate by the number of downloads your content has received.

Practical Example

Let's say you've uploaded a series of popular Catholic images and graphics. For March, the PPD rate is set at $4.75 USD, reflecting a healthy income by subscriptions and a high download activity on the platform. Suppose your content gathers a total of 350 downloads for that month. To figure out your earnings:

Your net income = PPD * Number of downloads = $4.75 * 350 = $1,662.5 USD

This example illustrates how your earnings can significantly benefit from the popularity of your uploads and Cathopic's financial health.

You can increase your earning potential by sharing more! Sharing additional resources can enhance your opportunities for greater earnings.

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